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   FireMyst.Com started as a full web service company in 1997.  Many websites that we developed in the early days  web were 
   for entertainers, poets, writers, musicians, universities,  churches, pilot associations as well as individuals simply wanting a web

   Our pursuits were many - exploring all areas of what the world wide web was capable of offering the world.   Of course, like many, our
   attention immediately  turned to video pursuits well before the explosion of YouTube and other music and video sites.  While we have not
   been a game changer in the industry,  we have kept pace. This division of  FireMyst.Com, our  Movie Production sector  started in 2001
   with an interest in producing a documentary on the renown philosopher Paul Weiss.  Following that aim, we then ventured
   forward with our first full movie production; The Mission.   

   Since then, with a small camera crew, travels around the world with cameras in tow, has been the pace.  From the high mountain tops of
   Crete or Peru to crystalline blue azure waters of  islands set in the lower hemispheres.    The world wide web was the start of our
   exploration around the world and  has brought us in association with many cameramen and editors engaged in the same pursuit of  taking the
   digital  revolution by storm.  If you are like us, then we are comrades in technological arms.

  We  invite you to join us; to sit back and enjoy our movies and our other techno pursuits.           

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